Tension Curtains

Rhino UK has a long & established history of manufacturing tension curtains for both new and renovated vehicles and the production capability and ability to supply from single orders for replacement curtains to full fleet requirements.

In order to withstand the daily stresses of road haulage, tension curtains need to be constructed and manufactured to a high quality. This is why we only use the best materials, from European supply of Panama pvc to high tenacity polyester webbing for bottom strap requirements. Our production methods only uses high frequency welding and we also stock over 50 different shades of panama material.

At Rhino UK, there are a variety of curtains that we specialise in:

  • Open Pocket
  • Fixed Strap
  • Anti Vandal
  • Insulated
  • Woodchip
  • Livestock (Poultry) Carrier
  • Rail/Sea Container Freight
  • Load Bearing

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Tension Curtains Truck Side

Tension Curtains Truck Side

Open Pocket

This type of curtain is very common and is constructed with individual polyester webbing straps running in an open welded pocket. The curtain is secured at the top by a wire waisted ring & roller, with 4 thickness of webbing to secure the webbing strap to the buckle and a strap at the bottom of the curtain. The buckle spacing is normally 600mm, however this can be reduced for specific applications.

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Fixed Strap

This popular curtain is constructed from using single skin panama pvc material, with pvc coated webbing welded onto the rear of the curtain. All webbing is high frequency welded, with a horizontal reinforcing band at the top of the curtain, buckle line and a reinforced bottom hem to protect against the side rave of the vehicle. Buckle spacing is set at 600mm with runners being fitted to suit the vehicle track.

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Rail/Sea Container Freight

More and more systems are now operating using a road / rail or road / sea combination. Usually, these containers, are versatile and can be transportable by a number of methods. They are usually subject to the same parameters, as conventional tension curtained vehicles, and as such, we can provide a repair and renovation service, in partnership with the design and manufacture of curtains from conception for such containers. It is usual for areas of abrasion to be treated as a priority with these curtains, and also, the requirement for an anti-vandal finish is common.

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These are constructed from two skins of fabric sandwiching the insulation material. The outer skin is the standard 2 x 2 weave panama curtain fabric, whilst the inner skin is a lighter 1 x 1 weave material, usually in white, with a weight of 650grammes per sq. metre.

The insulation material is an 8mm thick double layer of polyethylene air bubble sheet, laminated on both sides with an aluminium foil, which has the effect of reflecting both heat and cold. On a side curtain, this means reflecting the exterior heat away, which is essential on a hot sunny day, whilst reflecting the cold back into the vehicle body itself.

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Livestock (Poultry) Carrier

As any livestock carrier knows, legislation is very strict as regards the condition of any animal or bird, carried by road transport. With this in mind, we have manufactured a tension curtain, made from a combination of panama PVC fabric, and a high tenacity durable PVC dipped mesh netting. In some cases, the netting can account for up to 80% of the curtain, giving total breathability for the contents of the vehicle. Alternatively, if the product is being carried at specific set heights, then the percentage of breathable dipped mesh can be approx. 30%. Our sales staff are happy to discuss any enquiries, and to give advice as to the construction of the curtains for individual requirements.

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Anti-Vandal Curtains

In order to combat today’s world of theft and vandalism, Rhino manufactures two types of anti-vandal curtains. One is our Secureknit™ product, which is a knitted wire material sandwiched between the outer skin of panama pvc and an inner skin of 600gms pvc. The other is our Securemesh™ product, which consists of a 100mm x 100mm metal coated mesh, bonded to an inner skin which is then fixed to the outer skin of panama pvc.

In both cases the outer skin is directly separate from the anti-vandal product, thereby making repairs easier and more cost effective, whilst increasing the effectiveness of the anti-vandal product.

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