Rhino UK and the Beal Group has been manufacturing tarpaulins for over 30 years. We have experience in manufacturing a full range of requirements from bulk orders for overseas contracts to single covers for domestic use.

Tarpaulins can be manufactured from a wide range of materials and supplied for many purposes, ranging from flat covers for vehicles, protective covers for roofing works to tarpaulins covering specialist static loads. They can be manufactured in any shape or any size and to any finished specifications.

Due to our in house printing division, we have the ability to brand your tarpaulin, either for advertisement purposes or to reduce the risk of theft and misuse. This branding can be either stencilling, screen printing or full colour printing.


Our tarpaulin range are UK manufactured items, made to our high specifications that have been in place for over 30 years. We believe our attention to detail is what stands us apart from other products available in the marketplace, where our main materials are manufactured exclusively for the Beal Group, from our tell-tale 6mm blue/red twisted yarn construction rope ties which are spliced (not laced) into a brass spur toothed eyelet, placed through 4 thicknesses of material. Our seams are either lockstitched with polyester/cotton corespun thread or high frequency welded.

Quite simply, we believe that our product is the best in the marketplace – and if you have a goods that need protected, then you should buy the best and buy a Beal Group product.

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Sterling® Canvas Tarpaulins

Sterling ® canvas tarpaulins are made using our Sterling® polyester/cotton corespun canvas. They are water-resistant, rot-proof and lighter than an equivalent pvc fabric. Due to its unique rip-stop feature, any rips caused by misuse are easily contained until the tarpaulin can be repaired. Sterling® canvas is primarily used where either a breathable product is required (e.g. for foodstuffs or timber), where the product requiring protected could damage the tarpaulin (e.g. steel, aluminium, wire and pipes) or where they are expected to be in an exposed location where wind damage may be an issue. Also ideal for hot climates where a breathable fabric is required.

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PVC Tarpaulins

Being waterproof and rotproof, pvc materials are ideal where a completely waterproof product is required. They are particularly preferred for long term usage and where the covers may be required to be wrapped when wet or damp. Although they are heavier than other fabrics, they do not absorb water so therefore do not become heavier when wet. Easy to repair if damaged makes them popular for locations that are difficult to obtain access to.

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Flame Retardant Tarpaulins

From welding screens, partitions to specialist covers, we have the ability to manufacture flame retardant tarpaulins in a range of materials, sizes and finish detail. Translucent or total light block are just two options of a variety of materials that are available.

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Frost Protection

Frost protection covers are an ideal solution for a number of products where temperature control is critical. Our specialist product for protecting concrete in extreme locations or in harsh weather environment are popular in the construction industry, whereby our frost protection quilts for protecting crops (such as potatoes) from frost are equally popular in the winter months.

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Static Loads

We have huge experience of manufacturing tarpaulins for static applications, in any size or finish required. Specialist applications such protection oil & gas reels, salt, fertilizer, grain, wood are all common to us and our sales team are able to help with any requirement you may have.

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Polyethylene Tarpaulins

Polyethylene tarpaulins can be made to any size, in either our 10x10 construction, 12x12 or 14x14. Finish detail can be with eyelets only, or with ties if required. Typically used as a lightweight cover for agricultural or domestic use, these covers are a cost effective option for short term protection.

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Polypropylene Tarpaulins

A lightweight & exceptionally strong product that is not water resistant, but ideal for covers where water ingress is not a priority. Commonly used for covering tarmac or debris.

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