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Rhino UK can produce pallet and stillage covers to suit most requirements, and with our years of technical experience, all of our covers are manufactured to exact specifications.

The purpose of a pallet or stillage cover is to protect goods whether they be in storage or transit; against rain, wind and frost.

Materials are available for more bespoke protection of goods. Using pallet and stillage covers promotes the green ethos of The Beal Group as the covers can be reused and saves on the use of shrink wrap; saving time, energy and the environment.

Pallet and stillage covers act as a safe and secure way of storing items as well as the ability to provide advertising for your company with branded covers. They are material and labour cost saving through not having to use shrink wrapping.

As well as full stillage covers, we also make flexible inserts for stillage frames. This is when components need to be protected in transit inside a stillage frame. This is primarily for the automotive sector, however can be used in a number of applications.

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