Lifting Systems

Rhino UK are one of the UK’s premium manufacturers of lifting slings, in either chain, webbing or roundslings.

We are committed to UK manufacturing and as such, using our group resources we can manufacture virtually any size of lifting sling required. We have a long history of supplying these products to the construction, transport, engineering, defence and airmotive sectors. We also supply specialist products such as black slings, especially for stage equipment.

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Lifting Systems

Lifting Systems

Flat Webbing Slings

Flat webbing slings are made from high tenacity polyester webbing, colour coded for ease of identification for lifting and are manufactured to our own unique specifications and to BS EN 1492-1:2000 Eyes are fitted as standard with protective webbing to ensure no damage from sharp hooks or fittings. Protective sleeves can also be fitted where required. Typically these products are manufactured in a simplex range (single thickness) but also in a duplex finish. Virtually any length can be supplied and the slings can be supplied in matched pairs if required and can be branded with company name or part number. Every sling has its own unique number and has an identification label providing key data.

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As a manufacturer of roundslings, we identified that there is often a requirement for a lifting sling that is durable, simple to use and does not damage the product when used. Due to the efficient ways of manufacturing, we are able to supply an extremely cost effective product, without lowering safety or product quality. Our roundslings are manufactured to BS EN 1492-2:2000 and are made from 100% polyester. The outer cover is a seamless polyester sleeve of double thickness construction and has excellent abrasion resistance. The core consists of a continuous hank of high tenacity polyester yarn which is immensely strong and durable. Roundslings can be used in a variety of situations and their flexibility and weight make them the most popular type of lifting slings that we manufacture.

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Advantages of webbing or roundslings

  • Lighter than chain or wire rope: less lightly to cause any damage or injury if swinging from a crane.
  • Less weight: less risk of back injury, lower transport and shipping costs.
  • Supple: can adapt to fit the load being lifted without damaging the load or the webbing.
  • Lifespan: does not weaken with age.
  • Ability to avoid shocks.
  • No hidden corrosion: can easily be checked by eye for damage.
  • Colour coding lets you know the SWL of the sling quickly and correctly.

Fork protectors

Rhino are manufacturers of custom made fork lift protector covers to ensure any fragile products are not damaged when being lifted by forks (e.g. Glass or marble). Contact our sales team for more information and pricing.

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Rhino UK can make, test and repair chainslings from a single leg to a 4 leg sling. Chain is very popular when lifting loads with sharp edges that can damage flat webbing and roundslings and the product can withstand the impact that chain may have (e.g. strip or scrap steel). We have a vast variety of fittings and chain sizes in stock and can manufacture your required sling at short notice, be it a single leg 7mm sling or a 4 leg 16mm sling.

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For our lifting guide as well as chain working load limits and advice for safe use, please see our website for a table of use.

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